Progressing Away While Making Positive Changes

It's a wonderful feeling to get things done independently in your own time frame, without having to worry about meeting the timeframes of a boss. Venturing on an independent foot is more work than the traditional path taken by a majority of folk, but all with the work. It involves strategic thinking, creatively engineering your path in being spontaneous [on the fly], and learning new things each day which you can positively use to your spiritual and business advantage.
If there's anything so beautiful about life, it 's that it molds you into learning patience. This is the true beauty in making progress. But, not only making progress, it's more about learning and maturing in life. Maturing from your experiences. Learning to love while making progress. Learning to see things from other's point of view, while making progress. Learning to "hold your head", while making progress. Reading more books and disovering others have blundered too, before becoming a larger-than-life success spiritually, and in the world of business, in making positive progress. Progress is not just about making money. Money can't satisfy you spiritually. It's just something to pay the bills and get by in life. Progress is also the humble, open-discovery before others that I'm not flawless, but yet, a renewing creature spiritually in the making, through trial and error. The way we embrace our experiences molds our social character for life.
As we progress, our minds expands into influencing international markets, depending on your sole, independent determination. The beauty of the internet is you can be [globally vocal] and "go beyond being local". The web is what you make of it. The internet and progressing in making your humble mark is all based on effort. No one will ever ask you to do anything for them. You have no schedule in waking up, being at your desk at a certain time, and so 4th. You have NO pension, no healthcare benefits, no set hourly pay. When you embark on your own online in venturing out, take a deep breath, think often, and most of all...[watch what you say on the world wide web]. Other than that, if you have an engine called determination, a heart of humility, tough skin to deal with the blows life deals on a regular basis, and know when to zip thy yap and keep on trucking in life, you have what it takes to withstand the test of time and be a winner beyond your wildest dreams.

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