Flirting With Celebrity

The twin pillars of name and fame stand resolute in the back of our consciousness from the time we're born until we exhale our last breath. We invest much of our existence in the material world energetically aspiring for recognition. Some of us display talents at a young age that blossom into full board celebrity status. We become worldly famous. We yearn to leave our mark on the world, to not be forgotten, to leave a piece of ourselves-triggered by the deep desire to live forever, or at least longer than one brief lifetime. Some people say it's who you know and that without that lucky break you won't pierce the landslide opportunity bubble that catapults you to extreme success.
Almost famous
In a drama based on 1973 counter-culture, William Miller, an aspiring teenage rock journalist convinces a Rollingstone editor to hand him a choice assignment to report on the band Stillwater. During their Almost Famous cross-country tour, William brilliantly turns his manuscript idea into a "think piece" about a mid-level band struggling with their limitations. He encounters seductive Penny Lane who insightfully compares fame with artistry when she says, "We're not groupies. Groupies sleep with rock stars 'cause they wanna be near someone famous...we're Band-Aids. We inspire the music."1
Sometimes we believe proximity is the gateway to our success.
Your contribution
Today we have Internet platforms that harness our natural need for recognition. Through the interfaces, we've been given an expansive reach to share our thoughts, ambitions, discoveries, what we believe is important and our purpose. How do we feel if someone comments on our post? Do we feel disappointed if no ones does?
What if the greatest contribution you might make to the world has nothing to do with externals-what if the promise of name and fame is truly an illusion, yet another fleeting experience in the material world?
Integrity is your building block
Throughout the ages, our greatest spiritual teachers have encouraged us to look within, not only to look, but also to focus constantly on self-improvement, and to watch our thoughts, words and actions. As we align these instead of thinking one thing, saying something else and doing yet another, we gain consistency-a unity of all three. We exemplify integrity.
Once you walk through the fire of your inner struggles, you achieve real self-confidence, patience, and are able to offer understanding to yourself and others. When you slow down after learning the lessons from your challenges and cross over your bridges, the recognition that you yearned for dissolves into a sense of inner peace.
For like William in Almost Famous, you've attained the next rung of your climb to inner soul achievement. The Natural Law of Cause and Effect will provide you with the validation that you deserve when you make a solid effort on the spiritual path. As so eloquently stated by Eckhart Tolle, "The end result is going to carry the energy of what it took to get there."2
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