Best Features of Yamaha P85 - Read the Full Yamaha P85 Review

The Yamaha P85 is no doubt the only instrument you need to make beautiful music. Built with 88 minimalist yet strong keys, this piano is perfect for all skill levels. Whether you are a seasoned pianist interested in recording your song or a beginner trying to perfect their key-strokes, you will find this piano very appropriate. Its ease of use makes it even more attractive. No other piano brings out acoustic piano sounds as well as the Yamaha P85. Reason for this is that it is designed after the acoustic piano, to give the same rich low to high notes.
Here is what you will get from the Yamaha P85:
- AWM stereo sampling that helps you change the volume and tone of your notes as you wish.
- Dual-voice function where you can play two voices at the same time.
- Wide voice selection, including instrument voices. With this option, you can choose to incorporate any instrument voice of your choice from the variety provided. It includes harpsichord, pipe organs, electric pianos, grand pianos, vibraphone and strings. The P85 has 10 different voices which you can choose from.
- Touch-sensitivity which allows you to change the speed of your notes with any of the four given settings.
- 2 built-in speakers that provide an abundance of sound. There are also 2 headphone jacks that you can use to connect the piano to external speakers for added volume.
- Light-weight and sleek in design.
Yamaha P85 Review - Key Features:
One of the first things that are noticeable about this new keyboard is the new front panel. Through the new panel you are no longer required to strike a key to select a new sound. The new keyboard is said to come with 64 notes which is twice as many notes as the previous model. This makes the P85 much more versatile musically when attempting to compose music.
The new P85 is also programmed with dynamic sampling. This basically means the more you play the more the tones will change, this is a plus for any long term musician. The Yamaha P85 also has the potential to make great recordings. It's a simple process just select a sound, press record, then begin playing. These sounds can also be sent to your computer for storage.
This Yamaha P85 review will help you make up your mind about which piano to settle for. Its affordability and well-thought out features put it ahead of all other models. It doesn't matter whether you want to use the Yamaha P85 as a primary or secondary instrument; you will find it apt.

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