Are 30 Seconds To Mars Splitting Up?

One of the most critically acclaimed rock bands of recent years is 30 Seconds to Mars, an American band from California who have been together since 1998. Although in recent years they have been getting more airplay, selling more records and playing more gigs, but in recent interviews the band have indicated that after their current tour they will be taking a break, and this could be anything up to 10 years away from music.
30 Seconds to Mars was founded in 1998 by Jared Leto, who also works as an actor. The band also features his brother Shannon as a drummer. Leto has said several times that music is what he was always really interested in and that acting was something he only did to fill in the time. For a lot of people though he is better known as an actor due to his roles in TV series My So Called Life and movies such as American Psycho, Fight Club and the Thin Red Line. During the time when Jared Leto was building up his acting career, he was also developing his music career and working to raise the profile of 30 Seconds to Mars, taking the group from a small family hobby band into a more mainstream rock band with a contract with a major record label. Jared Leto also tries to keep his acting and his music completely separate. He does not use his Hollywood fame to promote the band, and the fact that he is a well-known actor does not feature in any of the band's marketing material.
30 Seconds to Mars have released three studio albums to date, with each being more successful than the last. Their first album, the self-titled 30 Seconds to Mars, was released in 2002, followed by A Beautiful Lie in 2005 and This is War in 2008. The band has also been very successful in winning various awards for both videos and singles. The rock music market is competitive, and although their fans are loyal, 30 Seconds to Mars have not had the high level commercial success that other similar bands have enjoyed. The band like to be seen as a traditional rock band, and have built up their following by touring extensively both in the US and Europe, and through appearances at many of the annual rock music festivals held around the globe. They are currently in the closing stages of a large tour, and will be appearing at festivals this summer in Hungary, Belgium and Germany. At the end of August, they are also confirmed to appear at both the Reading and Leeds festivals in the UK.
Surprisingly, just as the band are beginning to come into the mainstream and get even more press coverage, in Spring this year the band announced that they were going to take a break after their current tour ends in late autumn. It is not clear whether or not this break is going to be permanent. One of the band members has stated that they are taking a break for at least 10 years. Whether this is the case remains to be seen, but fans are keen to snap up tickets to see the band before the break period starts. Their latest album is selling well and tickets are still available for both the Reading and Leeds festival. Associated merchandise is also selling well, with fans desperate to snap up what they can while it is still on the market. One of the items which is always in demand is posters, and 30 Seconds to Mars posters are one of the most sought after items. Collectors may want to keep their 30 Seconds to Mars posters in mint condition in the hope they become valuable, whereas fans of the band just want to have something of their favourite group to display on the walls of their bedroom or elsewhere in the house.

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