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It's amazing to see just how far portable keyboards have come. A portable Roland in the late 1980s cost over a grand and weighed a considerable amount. Today, the cost has come down and the features abound as embedded design integrates with surface-mount technology to produce devices that are lighter, cheaper, and sound fantastic. This leads us directly to the Yamaha YPG535.
The Yamaha YPG535 portable grand piano, also known as the DGX530, is an 88-key portable keyboard that can be purchased for about $500. It is an ideal starter piano for the student who is just starting out. For those interested in self study, the YPG535 comes integrated with the Yamaha Education Suite, which can be used as a starter for those new to the piano. The center of the keyboard contains an LCD display that displays both the lessons and standard notation for sight reading.
The Yamaha YPG535 comes with a variety of built-in sounds, including Yamaha XGlite/GM voices and five sweet, five cool, and three live voices. It also contains a six-track sequencer for sampling, a pitch wheel, a Portable Grand button, and numerous features that extend the use of this piano to accommodate practically anything your mind can imagine playing. Also provided is a sustain pedal, AC power adapter, and keyboard stand. The Yamaha BB1 bench is available as an additional option.
Yamaha YPG535 Review - Additional Features:
- The YPG535 packs a punch with the imbedded graded soft-touch 6-track sequencer. Recording your own music has never been easier. Studio aficionados have the ability to store recorded music to a USB stick or save it into Flash ROM. The keyboard is a soft-touch design, which marginally mimics the feel of a weighted keyboard. It's a nice option for students who are just starting with the instrument. If you take to the keyboard, the soft touch will help build the musculature of the fingers and palms until you're ready to transition to a larger keyboard.
- Also featured on the YPG535 is a beautifully back-lit LCD, complete with panel lighting and a flawless pitch-bend slider. Boxed with this professional quality keyboard is a sturdy music stand, power adapter, keyboard stand, and footswitch. Basically, everything the aspiring or professional musician needs to get started is included in one powerhouse of a package.
This review is sure to point those interested in the YPG535 in the right direction. We are sure that after getting your hands on one for a while, nothing else will ever delight you as much again.

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