Jimmy Fallon: King of Late-Night

The coolest ever, exciting, intoxicating, these are just a few of the phrases and words used to describe Jimmy Fallon, and his late night show. When I was a kid, going to school with a future rap star, Pastor Troy in college, I used to love to listen to Erkyah Badu and the Roots's song, "You got me," and dance the whole way across campus. Even though I was on the basketball team and a good rapper, I loved to dance. That song was so smooth and Questlove just murdered the drums. I always wondered if I would ever get to sit back, in my adult life and watch a telelvision show with such electric music and watch a classic performer. I got it with the Jimmy Fallon show.
From the games, to the monologue and the guests, it's one of the best shows ever created. The opening is the best, and I can attest to it. I recently caught myself, postponing my dinner, to watch it. I just had to hear what he had to say, his jokes are so funny and the writing is so dynamic, it makes the show a can't miss hit. The fact he has the Roots, makes it incredible. Then, they ususally have a musical guest that performs with the Roots. Thank-you notes is so funny, that I purchased the actual book. The games are cool too, from Ice-Cube throwing snowballs, to Christoper Meloni having water thrown on him, it is so entertaining. Jimmy, here's to you, the next Johnny Carson but with a hip-hop twist.

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