New Edition

Anyone who grew up in the 80's, are familiar with New Edition. For every child in that era, who grew up in the urban scene, they provided the soundtrack for our maturation process. Even today, when I hear "Did you get it yet," I can't help but smile. It evokes memories of my first kiss, from a little red-bone girl whose name will forever escape me. I just remember, how I felt the day she did it, right in the mouth, I was extremely young and it was a moment that has forever shaped, my adult life. The electricity ran thru my body, it was like I stuck my finger in a light socket. I've far matured from the point, where I would've used another analogy but it wouldn't be apporopriate for this article. Anyway, the sound of their young music still harnesses the child in all of us, if you hear it.
I was listening to "If it isn't love," and the lyrics were so geniune and sincere. They didn't reflect the music of other groups, during that era. The lyrics from some of those groups were created by songwriters' who lacked emotions and reeked of coporate America. New Edition was one of the few groups who in such a brief time, forever shaped our childhood. The night, before a friend of mine got married he sat in his car, outside of parent's home and listened to "Can You Stand The Rain." The next day, he married the woman, who gave him 5 kids and never looked back. If you listen to the lyrics, you'll know why.

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