The Influence of Bernie Mac

"I ain't scared of you!@$%," this was the opening statement from one of America's most iconic comedians. His wife was sick and he was at a Def Comedy Jam event. The comedian before him, had just got booed by the audience. He went on stage and rocked. This comedian was Bernie Mack and even though, he is no longer with us physically, he still rules the television set. His presence was awesome, and his jokes were spot on. Bernie Mac was colossal within his time, when he jumped up and down on the set of Def Comedy Jam, I was spellbound. You could tell by his delivery, that God had blessed him in the realm of comedy.
When Bernie made the transition from the small screen to the big screen, he achieved even greater success. "Ask Scarface, it's his brother," was his classic line from the movie, "Above the Rim," and it was incredible. He could turn evey scene he was in, into a actors' workshop. "The Bernie Mac" show is still in syndication and it is one of my favorite telelvison shows. The whole concept is beautiful and it is so realistic. He took a milk and cookies joke, (see the Kings of Comedy, if the first part of this sentence has you lost) ang gave us classic characters. His geniune concern for the children, make the show a thing of beauty. Having Don Cheadle and Carl Reiner as guest stars, doesn't hurt either, not to mention the other countless guest stars. Anything less wouldn't be Bernie. He is and will forever be one, of Hollywood's greatest performers.

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