3D Computer Animation - What Do You Really Know?

The level of 3D computer animation technology available today has made it possible for artists to attain needed skills for the field of 3D computer animation prior to attending a specialized technical school or college. There are millions of publications that have relevant information for this field of study. Self-study and take home instruction are examples of popular learning methods that are designed to enhance the progression of the artists' educational process.
Artists involved in 3D computer animation are aware that their learning process is ongoing. That can be said for every facet of life. However, once we get our feet wet and have our roots into a career where we begin to see success, we tend to get too comfortable and throw our books or our tools away thinking we know everything. When we think we've learned everything we need to know, our quest appears to be over. The quest is never over as there will always be advances in technology.
Learning 3D computer animation takes discipline. It may not always be fun. If you are in school or on the job, push yourself to learn more about what you are doing. Go beyond what you could or would be doing if left to your own devices. Do this even if this means animating things that you aren't particularly interested in. Sometimes to become successful, you need to do things that you aren't necessarily accustomed to nor interested in doing.
People with interest in animation wonder what it takes to be successful in this industry. While there are a lot of skills to be learned for this field of study, it is also important that the animator already possesses certain qualities. Characteristics that the 3D animator should possess include being creative, having a rudimentary understanding of technical aspects involved in computer animation and illustration, and the ability to be creative. It is also important to think outside the box. The artist should also to keep up to date with new techniques, tools, software, methodology, and production techniques.
In order to be an artist, it takes practice. You have to train like an athlete does for their respective sport. Your curriculum should involve a lot of hands on studio work where you can practice and hone your skills. Additionally, your curriculum should afford you plenty of theory studies as well as information on the latest technologies in the field. Software programs should be mastered to ensure success. Your ability to effectively use these programs will increase your value to prospective companies when you finish school and transition into the field.
Did you know that over 75% of people when asked about this field of study can only cite examples of 3D computer animation films, but really don't have a clue what 3D computer animation really is? Can you afford not knowing? Information is very important for success and can put you on the career path to be an animator.

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