Confused Quotes

Confusion has been described as "turmoil," "jumble," "mess" and many other states of such frustration. In a constantly transforming and changing world, many times we feel as if we are living in a confused world. Confusion has many times led to people getting depressed, losing sleep, and hurting their relationships. However, many of human's greatest advancements in science, technology, and the arts, have been results of a state of confusion that had arisen because of a lack of tools of many kinds. In order to resolve such confusion, some people turn to music, some people turn to education and trial and error, and some are sadly drawn to drugs and other ways of harming themselves and others.
Confused quotes are one way we can resolves our pains from confusion by relating to others before us that have shared similar situations. We are constantly confused by what life throws at us for example, we are confused by our grades in school, relationships, social norms, and more. If we look at the negativity of the confusing situation, we will easily let the confusion take over our emotions and we will go from simply feeling confused to feeling bad about ourselves and even sometimes those that we love most around us. So confused quotes that help us accept the fact that we are confused and help us actually enjoy that we have stumbled upon an idea or an obstacle in our lives that has put us in a state of confusion because being confused is actually an opportunity to discover where we lack knowledge and can lead to great progress in our own lives, in the lives of others, through simple ideas or through complex new technologies.
Confused quotes can include famous confused quotes by the celebs or smartest and brightest people of our time or they can be as simple as things regular ordinary people say or even sometimes what a young boy or girl might say when confused about the magnificent world around them.
Here are some famous quotes.....
Once the realization is accepted that even between
the closest human beings infinite distances continue
to exist, a wonderful living side by side can grow up, if
they succeed in loving the distance between them which
makes it possible to see the other whole against the sky.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke
Never pretend a love which you do not actually feel,
for love is not ours to command.
~ Alan Watts
Here are some ordinary quotes....
When I look in your eyes I get confused why we are not together as lovers because the connection is there.
I am confused why people talk about gays and the fact that they are not straight when the entire world has not got their stuff straight.
So the next time that you are feeling confused, do not resort to putting yourself down or blaming others. Instead, notice that the world is confusing and that being confused is only normal. Some of the most influential and famous people of our time have had their greatest discoveries and advancements in times of confusion. When you are confused, sometimes it is only an indication that you are walking a path that others have not walked before. This is almost always true because no one has ever walked in your exact shoes with your exact environment and upbringing ever before.

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