The World Of Harry Potter Comes Alive During A Guided Tour

J. K. Rowling's hero Harry Potter has had a huge impact on readers and movie-goers. Her stories focus on a school for wizards, Hogwarts, where magic happens every day. In spite of the wands and wizardry, though, scenes for the movies had to be shot in real places. The magic comes from talented men and women using computers.
Movie settings located around England are still accessible for viewing. Tourists will find them in London and Oxford especially. Tours will take fans to some of those locations with a guide pointing-out what to look for.
While special effects made lightening bolts shoot out of wands and changed men into animals, many backdrops are regular places passed by regular individuals on a daily basis. They might not realize that the red telephone box on their route to work happens is the one where Mr. Weasley and Harry entered the Ministry of Magic. Brick walls lining London streets may not be immediately obvious as settings from The Philosophers Stone, in which Diagon Alley was first introduced.
Even though computer effects made ghosts appear and sent candles flying, Hogwarts Dining Hall is a real place. Tour participants will get to tread on the same floors as those where Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson said their lines. Perhaps participants can sit in some of the spots where Harry, Ron, and Hermione drank pumpkin juice.
There are no train platforms assigned fractions in reality. In the movies, however, platform nine and three quarters is famous as the troublesome portal into the wizarding world. Potter makes it through during the first movie, but in the second he and Ron resort to traveling by flying car.
While you will not be flying in a Muggle vehicle, it is possible to see the platform and place it among its greater context as a part of movie history and real life at the same time. If you worry about how you will travel, have no fear. There will be no Knights Bus squishing you flat as it glides between cars on busy London roads. Do not expect to ride a Nimbus 2000 either.
Tour the cinematic world of Harry Potter in several ways. Walk around London and Oxford, taking your time and paying close attention to the architecture, which might look familiar. Another method of touring is to board a boat and drift along the Thames. Underground stations also play their part in the journey, so expect to ride this famous subterranean system at some point during your tour.

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