Why You Should Not Submit to Authority

As Americans we believe in freedom and liberty. It's hard for people in other cultures to understand this because they've never experienced true freedom. And there is a famous quote that goes something like this; "if you believe you are free you are and if you are not fee then you aren't." There is a lot of truth to that. Most individuals in other countries are not free, they don't have near the freedoms, and liberties that we have here the United States, still some believe they are free because they've been told they are free by the authorities there.
In the United States we have more freedoms than in most countries, but still one could question, from a philosophical standpoint, if we are really free. You see, every time we go and try to do something there is someone standing in the way making a rule, or regulation, and there are those individuals who rather than produce, go out and enforce the rules, make new rules, or claim that you must follow their lead because they are the authority. However, if we stop and think about it we have to ask who gave them that authority?
The answer is quite simple. You see, if you submit to authority then it is you who are giving them that authority. If you fail to submit to authority, then and only then you can truly be free. Unfortunately, it might be more difficult to get the things you want in life because you have to go through barriers that other people have set up. In many regards this goes back to another philosophical thought regarding free-market capitalism, deregulation, and the right to free contract. Those are very powerful ideas.
Consider if you will all the things you want to do in your life, but you can do them until you do something else, get a license, take ongoing education classes, fill out a form, get a degree, or fulfill some other requirement. Interestingly enough, in our current modern society that encompasses just about everything you'd ever want to do. Now then, I ask is that fair to you? No, it's probably not, however once you submit to authority you have agreed to these rules in advance and all the new rules the authority comes up with even though you don't know what they are before you set out to do something.
Over the years I've found so many folks who attempt to stand in my way, or in the way of other individuals who wish to fulfill a goal, dream, or an enjoyment in life. On one hand we have the right to pursue happiness, but every time we wish to do something there are more and more rules. Over time the rules get to be so out of control, that folks can't do anything, as they have to ask permission to do everything. That's not real freedom.
Beware of folks who are lesser standing in front of you with a badge of authority telling you that you aren't good enough, that there are more requirements, or that you can't do something because they said so. Those are the individuals who are stealing your freedom and liberty, and keeping you from your dreams. If you submit to those people you will never fulfill your true destiny, or know what true freedom is. Indeed I hope you will please consider this and think on it.

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