I Do Not Submit to the Socialist's Plan for Galactic Domination - Mostly Because It Won't Work

What's that famous line; "Resistance is Futile!" Yes, indeed that is scary stuff, so is the Borg. Nevertheless, consider if you will the type of societal structure that will be needed for a space colony. It might be much different than here on Earth, and the strategies that work here may not work there, at least not right away. For instance, when the Mayflower settlers came over to the new world, they worked together in a communal type society. Perhaps the first space colonies might be communist, or rule themselves by way of socialism.
Remember there will be scarcity, quite a bit of recycling, and everyone must participate, and no one can take anything for granted. Due to issues of fairness, and considerations of what humans believe to be fairness, we may end up with a socialist type strategy for our space colonies. Nevertheless, as a space colonies grow, and more humans span out across the galaxy on habitable planets and moons, there will be less Scarcity, and some sort of the money system.
Some might say that money is the root of all evil, however money is merely a unit of trade, and whether it is physical or electronic, it is a good way of measuring value. There will be trading regardless of whether humans off-planet live as communists, and even if it is not allowed to trade or have money, it will occur anyway. Now then, how do I feel about this being a capitalist, and living in the greatest nation ever created? I don't like the concept of living in a socialist type society, and I am well aware of my history, so the concept doesn't please me.
Nevertheless, I could see how something like this could happen. Further, I do not submit to a socialist plan for galactic domination in advance. I surely want to see how it develops and take a look at it from a personal freedom standpoint. Perhaps in the future personal freedom, liberty, and those things we hold dear here on Earth may not exist exactly as we may hope in the off planet future of human evolution and advancement.
Further, I don't see it as a long-term strategy that will work. Feudalism, socialism, communism has never been the most efficient civilization or society, and those forms have a tough time in enduring over many generations. What I'm saying is that a socialist plan for the galaxy where all human must submit is not a place where I care to live.
Does that make me a pre-advanced technological-age rebel? Well, that's hard to say, because we live in the present period, and this is a comment about the far-off future which we cannot know. Likewise, I will not call you a rebel for agreeing with me, nor a member of the Borg for disagreeing. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this from a philosophical standpoint and think on it.

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