Rio - Movie Review

Director: Carlos Saldanha
Story: Carlos Saldanha
Stars: Jesse Eisenburg and Anne Hathaway
Music: John Powel
Rio is about good things we have in this world; the love, the beauty, the music and the emotions. It is a light hearted fun filled movie with spectacular visuals.
The film starts with dazzling display of wildlife in a jungle. Many birds are smuggled from that jungle, the captured birds include baby macaw. The box containing the macaw falls down and is found by a girl, Linda (Leslie Mann). She names him Blu and keeps him with her for years. Blu (Jesse Eisenburg) gets deeply attached with Linda and becomes so domesticated that he is unable to fly. Tulio (Rodrigo Santoro), a birds' expert, comes and tell that Blu is the last male of its species. The last female of same species lives in Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. Tulio wants the macaws to mate so that their species could be saved. They head off to Brazil where Blu meets with feisty female of her kind, Jewel (Anne Hathaway).
Blu and Jewel have quite the opposite nature. Jewel is a free bird who likes to fly in jungles whereas Blu is a pet who does not fly and likes to live with humans. They, like many other rare birds, are caught by bird smugglers from Tulio' bird sanctuary. Then comes the fun filled thrilling escapade of the two birds. The two are tied together when they escape. They have an obvious problem: Blu cannot fly and the two are chained together. In their journey together through spectacular sites of the city they develop love for each other. They are helped by some fun companion birds and animals. Linda and Tulio are also in search for the two, Linda sees Blu in the carnival. But before she could reach, the two birds are caught by the smugglers. The smugglers take all the birds in a plane and fly. Linda and Tulio are unable to stop them. Blu plans a scientific rescue and all birds get free. Blu cannot fly and Jewel does not want to leave him. In fight with the villain bird, Nigel (smugglers use this bird to plan bird catching), Jewel's wing gets injured. Now both the birds cannot fly.
Jewel is pushed out of plane, Blu jumps after her. They both kiss, Blu starts flying and both are saved. Tulio cures Jewel's wing; Linda and Tulio develop a "Blu bird sanctuary" where both the birds fly fearlessly.
The bold colors, top notch animation, salsa sounds, breath taking visuals, fun characters and sweet voice overs (Jesse Eisenburg and Anne Hathaway) make this film immensely watchable for kids and families. The story is surely predictable and occasionally it loses interest of viewer but still RIO is an absolute audio/ visual delight.

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