The History of Optimus Prime - Transformers

The Transformers have graced our eyes since the 80s as a toy and cartoon phenom up until the movies that are out today. For those that don't know about them, here's a quick brief history about them. They are a collective unit of huge robots that come from the planet Cybertron. They each take the shape of different forms. From cars to jets to even tanks or cassette players. Hence the name: Transformers. There are two types of transformers: The Heroic Autobots and the Evil Decepticons. One transformer that stands out among the rest is the Autobot leader Optimus Prime.
Always dueling out with the Decepticon leader Megatron, Optimus Prime stands by and protects the human race and his Autobot soldiers. But there are many forms of Prime that not a lot of people don't know about. In the 80's, he was know most for his transformation to a tractor trailer truck. His most famous mode. Throughout the years, Optimus has gone through a bit of change. During the late 80s, he was seen as transforming into another form of his original state with the help of an engine that would power him up into Powermaster Optimus Prime.
In the mid 90s, the Transformers now became Beast Wars where they now took the shape of animals. Prime not only became Optimus Primal, but he now took the shape of a giant-sized gorilla. This would change come the 2000's when the Transformers went back to their roots and took shape of vehicles and planes once again. Optimus Prime was once again back in his element. During these times, there were three series of Transformers (Armada, Energon and Cybertron) which made up the Unicron Trilogy. Optimus Prime was back to his truck form. But there was a twist to his form now for each series, his trailer would merge with him to form a deluxe version of Optimus Prime.
Going to the present times comes Transformers: Animated where Optimus Prime went back to his simple truck form, but with a more cartoonish look to himself. But now with the latest installment title Transformers: Prime, Optimus now takes the form of which he's used in all of the three movies that he's appeared on as of late. Even in honor of Optimus, they have even made a Pepsi version of him with a Pepsi trailer replacing his original. Disney also did an honor by making a Mickey Mouse version of Optimus. So you as you can see, he's made a huge impact on not only the kids, but in society as well.

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