Humans Can't Do Anything Right - What Makes Them Think They Can Save The Planet?

It seems we have a new religion of global warming, and everyone wants to reduce their carbon footprint. I laugh when I hear that term "carbon footprint" because as a one extremely popular science fiction author once said "we are carbon based bipeds" - as Arthur C Clarke put it. In other words there's nothing wrong with carbon, or a carbon footprint. And every time you walk outside or take a step on the beach you are leaving a carbon footprint, because you are made of carbon. You see that point?
If carbon is evil, and you wish to reduce your carbon footprint, there's only one real way to do that, and I'm not talking about wearing shoes. You are going to have to eliminate yourself from the planet if you really believe that having a carbon footprint is bad. Further, it is rather arrogant for humans to think that they could save the planet. First of all, there's nothing wrong with this planet, it's been here for well over 5 billion years and it will be here for 5 billion more, long after the human race is gone.
Human should stop trying to save the planet, and start trying to save themselves. If they do, they could save themselves from ignorance first, that or save themselves from their own arrogance. Humans saving the planet, that's a laugh, there's nothing wrong with this planet, it's doing just fine. In fact, our solar system is probably the best example of a perpetual motion machine that we've yet to discover. Round and round it goes, and never stops. Ingenious, I don't see humans able to create a perpetual motion machine.
And may I ask exactly how humans think they're going to save the planet? What if they get into circles and sing or maybe they'll sit and pray in a building that they've built and go to every week to remind themselves to be good little humans? Now I don't mean to give the humans the hard time, but all this saving the world from global warming, and all of this other nonsense just doesn't make any sense from a scientific standpoint.
It's not that saving the planet isn't a good idea - it's that the crisis doesn't exist. If the planet were truly in trouble, then yes we should work and figure out a way to save it, of course we should do that, but to pretend there is a problem, and then go conquer it is a lot like Don Quixote swinging at windmills. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on.

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