Has The International Court Been Hijacked by Agendas?

The international courts are pushing too hard I fear. The United Nations and other international groups are too quick to demand that the leaders of various nations be tried for war crimes. If a leader cannot defend his own government against the mass mobs of hysteria, often incited from the Internet, or foreign powers, then they are very likely to disengage from international diplomacy, and quit the United Nations.
In fact we may find many nations quitting the United Nations all at once. This could cause a group of rogue nations to form their own group and that would be a travesty for the future of mankind. We can't try every former leader of every country for war crimes merely for protecting their government, or the stability of the nation. That's not to say that we should put up with ironfisted rule or corrupt regimes who have no sense of ethics whatsoever. However, we have to be very careful before we call for the heads of former heads of state.
In the case of the Libyan leader, Colonel Qaddafi, the international court has already decided they will try him for war crimes, and therefore he has nothing to lose but continuing to fight until the death. That means more people will die in the midst of the conflict, and it will be a prolonged conflict. Casualties will mount on all sides, and the expense to the nations involved will increase. Not only could it be the inevitable fall of Qaddafi in the end, but it could also be the end of NATO as we know it.
Now then, we know that often nations work to remove a dictator, sometimes for good reason, but sometimes to ratchet away their natural resources, or to serve their political will in the never ending game of geopolitics. If we hold that every leader of every nation will be tried for war crimes if they don't serve the will of the international community, then in essence what we've said is there will be no leaders in any nation in the future; that the control of every nation will be that of the world government.
That's probably not going to work because people of each nation wish to follow someone who has risen from the people. And when all of those leaders that have arisen from the people and all those different nations get together they will discharge themselves from any global power base. In that case communication stops, diplomacy stops, and political impasse starts thus, we are one step away from war. Worse, such conflict will be fought to the death because the leaders of those nations will have nothing to lose. Indeed I hope you will please consider this and think on it.

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