The Elements of a Great Racing Movie

Today's technology allows just about anybody to make a great racing movie. Yet a tremendous amount of content is produced which has little or no value to the viewer. What I'm talking about is the onboard or in-car racing movie, not the mega-studio production ones. How do you make a motor sports film that captures the imagination of the viewer, yet shows all the critical action on track?
Everybody knows that actual racers produce the most realistic films. However, the production quality is usually less than perfect, even with today's high definition cameras. The first step is pretty simple in concept but tricky in practice, that is, mounting the camera correctly. Without a good camera mount that isolates the camera from the intense vibrations of a racing vehicle and points it in the right direction, it is impossible to capture the video you want. At the beginning you should spend the money for a good camera mount and place it in the interior, on your helmet, or the bodywork in such a way that it captures the most exciting racing action.
The next step is the racing movie content. This includes not just the video component, but the audio and car data as well. Assuming you have the camera pointed in the right direction and it's capturing great racing scenes, what should it sound like? Most people go with the good old motor sound with screeching tires approach. This is great if your vehicle has a nice sound like a V8 or wailing motorcycle. There are other alternatives for sound as well. You could do a voice-over, for example, if you were creating a teaching video or wanted to remember all the in-depth details of a particular race. Or you could make a music video out of it by dubbing over a song with the appropriate intensity level.
Do you have a racing data analysis system? Most of these systems allow you to add a data overlay to your racing movie, showing RPM, G-forces, braking, gear selection, and other performance metrics. Unless you are producing a technical race driving video, however, you should be conservative with these types of video overlays because they can distract the viewer from the main racing action. Less is more if you want the best entertainment experience.
Finally, if your racing movie is for advertising purposes you might want to add a title, introduction, and conclusion featuring your company with contact information, logo, website, etc. Video is an excellent way to advertise your product or service. The key is to produce an engaging, exciting racing movie that has a chance to go viral, or at least gets forwarded around because it's entertaining.

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