Be Curious About Creativity

Have you ever wondered why humanity is so questioning? What an amazingly curious mind the artist and inventor Leonardo Da Vinci had to make the discoveries that kept his name in the spotlight 500 years after his death. The world would not have the technology to reach others over the internet without curious, creative people sharing knowledge.
We all do need a little support, and sometimes an escape from everyday life, to find the inner artist in this busy world. Getting more conscious about who we are personally takes a little self examination and lot of ongoing assessment. The secret, I feel, is to return to our childhood memories to find what inspired and fulfilled us them.'Curiouser and Curiouser' was what Alice exclaimed in her journey to Wonderland. We may all have something to learn from falling down a well into another way of looking at the world.
I recently had a very interesting group of curious artists gather in my art studio at Tallegalla for a workshop. That curiosity was a largest part of this weekend was very evident. Most had questions that related to their purpose in creating and their ongoing search for answers. Learning how others have researched and discovered can answer the many questions we all have about life...and art is after all life.
My own curiosity has lead to a rather largish library that I continue to add to at such a rate I need three minds to absorb what I want to read. Not only is self education essential, we need to find our tribe and curiosity will lead us to our creative destiny. However remaining motivated can be a hard call at times as creative people can be like boats tossed about in storms of life. There are several versions of a saying attributed to Babatunde Olatunj and I particularly like this version "The clock is running. Make the most of today as time waits for no man. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift. That is why it is called the present."
It is the mystery of life I find so interesting but it is today that is always going to be the best time to be educating the mind which is powerful and responsive to the best efforts to motivate and enrich us. Every day we can read something new, experiment, explore and best of all research what gives us passion. I found this alone to be the most inspiring of all the tools of creativity.

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