Taurus The Bull - How To Romance, Understand And Buy The Perfect Gift For A Taurus

Taurus - The Personality Overview
Those born under the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus (21st April- 20th May) are normally super determined individuals who get what they want, no matter how long it takes. This is not because they are necessarily the cleverest kid on the block but their nature, which is very focused on security, is finely honed to achieve this in their lives.
A balanced Taurus can be a very caring friend or partner, and as a romantic partner Taureans make great mates who can bring wonderful feelings of emotional and material security into the relationship and home.
As an earth sign, the Taurus is very rooted in the physical elements of life and the sign is symbolised by the bull. Being sturdy and relatively slow, the Taurus will not be distracted from his or her goals. The life pursuit of this sign is to seek both financial and emotional security.
The flipside of this is that their fears and desires can run extremely deeply to the extent that they can appear to be snobby, aloof or boring. In life they can operate quite well in their own realm and switch off to the outside world to a certain extent. Because of this, change can be extremely difficult for a Taurus, so be aware that presenting a possible change to a Taurus mate can turn into a sore point.
One of the famous Taureans who is a good physical representation of this sign is actor Jack Nicholson. Although he is not classically good looking, he has a sort of a lazy charm about him and there is that feeling of expecting and being used to the good things in life. Cher is Taurus, as are Uma Thurman, Michelle Pfeiffer, George Clooney and David Beckham to name a few.
So although the typical Taurean can be lazy, jealous, stubborn and greedy, if they are on your side and balanced they can be extremely practical, reliable, patient, sensuous, competent and ambitious.
Taurus - The Romantic Approach
If you are not already involved with a Taurus, but have your eye on one, be aware that if they like you they could be firstly assessing you, and if you pass their screening process then they will plan and plot about how to get you.
The two top hobbies for a Taurus are making love and eating, ideally with plenty of romantic candlelight. In fact when involved with a Taurus you can enjoy bringing in as many physical romantic activities as your imagination can handle. Bring on the sensuous scents of aromatherapy oils, the delight and intimacy of touch in a massage and the perfect surroundings of that special place.
Plenty of affection and love-making is wonderful for wooing your Taurean. The more secure your Taurus feels the less likely you will see the appearance of the green-eyed monster, so remember this, to prevent the romance being ruined by a jealous tantrum.
Taurus - The Perfect Present
As all Taureans love beauty, any gift which fits into their taste of beauty is perfectly appropriate. Don't forget that the typical Taurus can spot top quality a mile off, so it is much better to get a smaller gift of high quality than what seems like an impressive gift of lower quality. With Taurus choose quality before quantity!
Quite a few Taurus men and women like to collect, whether it is an antiques collection or some other collection; a great present can be a new addition to his or her collection. Something that will combine their appreciation of material wealth, beauty and can be collected is the range of Terramundi Money Pots.
The biggest secret to finding the perfect gift for a Taurus is that it is top quality and something that they will experience that "love at first sight" feeling. Fine antiques can be a good choice also.
If the Taurus in question has not yet started a collection, why not start off one that is useful and food related or maybe a collection of sensuous creams and body care products. The important thing is to make them feel secure, sensuous and have them fall in love at first sight with whatever gift you give to them.

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