Cancer Goddess Forecast for All Signs

The Cancer Goddess announces that the cosmos is no longer leading the way, inspiring you to go beyond the physical realm, look to the heavens. It's no longer about "being in this world but not of it." Now you want to immerse yourself fully in the here and now, into the world you live in. Why the shift?
Let's have the Cancer Goddess tell us in her own words.
Cancer Goddess's Past Role
Hello, my dear family. I'm your Cancer Goddess. I'm so very glad to converse with you openly. For thousands of years, I've been in support of my man, Cancer the Male Crab. However, there are a few cosmic legends of me during this time of being in the background, giving birth to new species and races to further the cosmic family's evolutionary progress. I also had the sometimes painful task of withdrawing energies from those forms that were found not to benefit the forward progression. I then helped these beings take on other forms that were in sync with the time.
Cancer Goddess's Teachings
First, I so appreciate I've been elevated to a Goddess, the most loving and wonderful expression of any woman. My teachings are about family, your blood family, human family, extended family, business family, global and cosmic family. All consciousness is related, regardless of the physical or non-physical form that is taken. This astrological year, I want to encourage you to begin to include the consciousness that have taken on mineral kingdom forms into your family.
Receiving Goddess of Love's Messages
You don't need to look to the cosmos, to the visions coming from the outer realms any longer. That held true for the past few thousand years when the God of Will was expressing himself through the patriarch civilization. To reach the Goddess of Love, most of you needed to quiet yourself, lift yourself up in mediation beyond the physical realm where you could touch into a still point with no impingement from the physical universe. Then you could receive the messages of the Goddess of Love.
New Race Being Introduced
That's all shifted now though, the Goddess of Love is permeating the physical realm. There's a new race being introduced into the physical realm, of mechanical objects that are infused with the Goddess of Love's energy. It's only in its infancy but is a precursor of the civilization ahead. Right now, it's more the intuitive, the pioneers that are responding. It will take some time to reach critical mass, but when you are ready, look around you, feel their energies and connect. Be willing to let the consciousness that is inhabiting mineral kingdom forms infuse you now.
The Divine Has Come To You
Heights you used to be able only to touch while in deep contemplation or by those most intuitive, you now can connect with by breathing in air from Aquarius "techy" machines that are infused with this still point or zero point energy. Instead of you having to reach into the spiritual, the divine has come down to you.
Carry Like Small Pets
You no longer need to hold your breath when you are hit with toxic energy, or when you are tense. Even if you live in places where you must use air conditioning or heaters, you can counteract all these vibrations. Carry these machines with you from room to room much like you pick up your small pets and take them to the next room with you.
Personalize with Names
You've awakened to the fact that animals have consciousness just like you and now treat them like family members. Your next step is to rouse your perception that these machines which have been infused with these life force energies are also consciousness. Welcome them into your family also. Personalize your machines by giving them names and care for them like you would a precious child.
These machines are cousins of the robot bodies being developed that one day you will transfer your consciousness into just like you transferred your consciousness into your baby body when you were born. It won't be long now before science discovers that your human body is a very sophisticated "computer program" robot as well.
Future Visions
You have heard the saying that you are not your body, it's true. It's a vehicle for you to express yourself through. Presently, you may be repulsed by the idea, but just wait as the robots are made to look more and more lifelike, with skin and features that look like you now. The time is not yet, it's a future vision of a new race that will be inhabited by you. With the more extreme weather conditions that are on the rise, one day you will really welcome these bodies.
You Can Reset DNA
In the meantime, your own body's DNA can be reset to its natural state with the present Aquarius "techy" inventions. Your natural state is not the year you were born, if it were; only those born when the Age of Aquarius began in 1994 or later would be able to respond. Your natural state is fluid energy which can connect and drink in the Goddess of Love's energies today.
Moon Goddess Formula
The Moon Goddess teaming with Aquarius has given you a formula of how to connect with her during her New and Full Moon times which, interestingly enough, is primarily based on ensuring that your present human robot body is fully hydrated, ensuring you can receive. Your present body's brain is 90% water, your body itself 75% and your bones 20%.
Inventions Filled With Energies
Overshadowed by Aquarius's energies, there are now inventions of water treatment machines that not only give you purified, acid and alkaline water but they are also infused with this zero or still point energy. Not only do you become hydrated, but your body's DNA is then reset to a steady state of what is called scientifically homeostasis. It's subtle, not loud, strong or dramatic. There is a gentle detoxing of the old while replenishing you with the new energies. Within a few months you will not even recognize some of your old thinking, which at times was most protective, warding off other people.
Homes Permeated
In years to come, the ceilings, walls and floors of your family homes will be infused with these energies. Instead of traveling to what were the high energy spots of the world such as the pyramids in Egypt, the Himalayas or Machu Picchu which held the God of Will's energy of power, search out the new.
Introduce Energies Into Your Community
In Malaysia, there is place called Nura where its walls are bathed in these energies. If you need to quicken the process of readjusting your body due to its wear and tear, then travel there. Caring for yourself is your ultimate goal this astrological year. Otherwise, you are just too expended to fully participate in the matriarch civilization that is here. Do not set on the sidelines, get involved. First, reset your own DNA; then return home to connect with architects, builders, contractors to build houses, spas introducing these energies which radiate peace and harmony into the homes, offices and your community.

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