Geordie Shore Take the Party to Magaluf!

The Geordies leave their beloved Newcastle behind to give the Geordie lifestyle an exotic twist.
The onset of summer sees MTV's Geordie Shore unleash the cast on an unsuspecting holiday hotspot...
They'll be swapping the grey, industrial skyline of Newcastle and transferring their business to Magaluf, the ideal place to extend their party, and our Geordies are in there like swim-wear!
So, it's Magaluf vs Geordies, who emerges the winner? Us! They're set to film at least two summer-specials over in the Spanish party-place. Presumably, these episodes will mirror the goings-on witnessed in their hugely popular American twin Jersey Shore, it remains to be seen whether viewers can expect to find themselves confronted with an even more unsavory adaptation of the lifestyle, or whether they'll take heed of the numerous concerned locals who have deemed the show to convey Geordies in a derogatory fashion.
Amongst numerous other concerned locals, one incensed viewer commented "this show must be removed from tv...... its a disgrace to all the good hard working Geordies! And as for their parents, well! They want to be embarrassed to think they gave birth to them and need to look at their parenting skills!"
Despite the critics however, Geordie Shore's debut showing smashed MTV's previous record, with 320,000 viewers. Their previous highest being 255,000.
Images have surfaced displaying the troupe of Charlote, Gary, Greg, Holly, James, Jay, Sophie and Vicky wandering around the seaside locale.
The photos suggest the Geordies have taken to their new surroundings swimmingly, and all appear to be in smiles, including Holly, who still appears to be on the outskirts.
So, what can we expect to see?
Magaluf is one of Spain's most notorious holiday destinations, boasting an array of boozy bars, sandy beaches and epic nightclubs.
The coastal resort's nightlife attracts not only masses of party-loving people, but some of its nightclubs, like BCM, enjoy the privilege of having the world's most talented DJs perform there.
Within such a scene it's inevitable that our Geordies will encounter personalities equally as wild as theirs, but will that mean new friendships or fierce rivalries? We can't wait to find out!
However, while we're sure there will undoubtedly be the usual occurrences of saucy, drunken escapades, it's still no free-ride! The group will have to muck-in at a popular souvenir shop, much like the Jersey Shore gang earn their keep on the New Jersey shoreline.

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