The Deadliest Star Wars Fighters

In the Star Wars universe there are some fantastic space battles on a regular basis. By the very nature of Star Wars involving species from many different planets it's inevitable that battles are going to take place in space. Over generations of all out wars and small skirmishes there have been a wide range of small one or two man spaceships that have made an impression on Star Wars fans.
The X-Wing.
This is the ship that destroyed the Death Star and Luke Skywalker's number one ride. The X-Wing is well armoured, has great agility and reasonable speed making it a great all rounder. In the books following Return of the Jedi the new Jedi order introduce a stealth version called a Stealth-X which is jet black and can go undetected on radar. The Stealth-X ships are most effective when piloted by Jedi using a force mind meld as they don't have to rely on radio contact which could give their location away.
The A-Wing
The A-Wing was first introduced in Return of the Jedi during the Battle of Endor. The A Wing is a small fast and agile craft. It is much faster than an X-Wing but it has very weak shields which can be taken out easily. The A-Wing relies on its speed to avoid getting hit.
The Jedi Starfighter
The Jedi get all the good toys. The Jedi starfighter during the start of the Clone Wars is like a mini star destroyer in shape. The Jedi starfighter doesn't have any hyperdrive ability so it needs to connect to a hyperdrive ring when a Jedi needs to travel to other planets. The Jedi starfighter is very nimble but it doesn't have strong shields. It is fitted with an astromech droid. At the end of the Clone Wars the Jedi get an upgrade to a new fighter which looks like the original Jedi starfighter mixed with the millenium falcon and a tie fighter. It has a similar ball cockpit to the tie fighter and similar front mandibles like the Millenium Falcon.
Vulture Droids
The vulture droids were first seen at the beginning of The Phantom Menace but were seen in action at the beginning of Revenge of the Sith. The Vulture droid can stand on its wings when not in flight mode and is deadly in the air. It can shoot regular rockets as well as buzz droids which will latch onto an enemy ship and take it apart.

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