You Cannot Automate Everything with Computers to Run Human Society and Still Maintain Freedom

As the coordinator for a think tank which happens to operate online, I often find people who are computer savvy, and have skills in the IT sector. They definitely come up with very intriguing ideas to streamline our civilization using software and computers to help improve the efficiency. However, there is a problem with all this, and that is that the folks writing the software, and creating the hardware, perhaps do not have the proper experience in a given industry, or understand the ramifications or law of unintended consequences when proposing ways to fix the economy, government, healthcare system, transportation, or anything else.
Perhaps you've been frustrated when you were forced to fill out a form online or on a computer. You weren't allowed to go to the next question until filled out something in the previous box. Unfortunately what you had to fill out in the box was unacceptable, there were no good choices, or you couldn't answer the question because it wasn't applicable. It's times like that that you realize that the computer systems were set up for a certain type of scenario, rather than someone who has a special case, special need, or a different situation.
One thing I've learned is if you try to develop a system for the most unintelligent person, and make it simple enough for everyone to use, you inevitably run into problems if there are complications. It happens anytime you make a rule, regulation, or law and making rules is pretty much that's what writing software is about. You see, you cannot automate everything with computers to run human civilization and society. And if you try you will inadvertently take away freedom. In other words someone won't be allowed to do something merely because there was a box to fill out, or a form, and therefore they can't.
That's unfortunate because we have laws in our country which are supposed to be set up that; "if it doesn't say you can't, then you automatically can," and in a way by making few rules, we derive freedom while living under the rule of law. Now then, the software programmers and the hardware that runs these computers will not be able to think of everything on their own, until we create true artificially intelligent to run the system and make future changes on its own.
Meanwhile humans who are fallible, and in this case may not understand all the future situations because things change, but also because they have no experience in that particular industry, area of endeavor, or social program, are causing a loss of freedom with each new rule they create to run the new system.
We must be very careful what we automate things not to cut people out of the pattern, or take away the freedoms that we all love. We do this far too often when someone doesn't consider all the potential eventualities in advance, and they come up with some law, rule, or software program which alienates an entire group of people. Or, sometimes just an individual, someone like you. I hope I've made my point.

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