Wonder Woman History And Costume Designs

Wonder Woman is a super-hero dating back to the 1940's when she made her debut in All Star Comics volume #8. Since then Wonder Woman has appeared almost exclusively in DC Comics. The character is based on, and said to be a princess of the Amazon women who through her travels comes to spend most of her time on Earth with the humans. Her home is an island called Themyscira (formerly Paradise Island) named after the Greek home of the mythical Amazon women.
The character is a heroine and possesses many super-human abilities that seem to change based on the writer or situation Wonder Woman finds herself in. Most notably she has super human strength, speed, intellectual and mental abilities. Additionally she has displayed the abilities to communicate with animals, perform telepathy, blow winds at incredible speeds, and sometimes even fly.
Wonder Woman has indestructible bracelets(which in most story lines cannot be removed), and the Lasso of Truth, which if caught by, captives are magically forced to tell the truth.m The Lasso is also said to be indestructible and can be extended at an infinite length. Wonder Woman also has a tiara that posses super characteristics, and she can throw the tiara with a boomerang-like effect.
Together with Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman makes up DC Comics so called "Trinity" which is basically saying they are the three most powerful and iconic characters in the DC Comic Universe.
Aside from being heroic & superhuman, Wonder Woman is also incredibly attractive. The purpose behind these traits was her makers attempt to signify that women can posses all these traits simultaneously, thus to help break free the women of that era from being chained in or pigeon-holed by men of their time.
Through the years, Wonder Woman has maintained a high level of popularity considering that she is a woman in an otherwise man infested world, from both the world of comic characters and the consumers who buy them. As a result she has been somewhat of a trailblazer in the industry that has since added characters such as Super Girl, Wonder Girl, Cat Woman, and Marvels long list of female characters such as Jean Grey/Phoenix, Storm, Rogue, Mystique, etc.

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