Why Digital Photography?

Technology has changed so many things over the years, and part of this revolution is the invention of digital photography. Some photographers, whether hobbyists or professionals, claim that film photography is still the best way to capture stunning images. They may be right to an extent, digital photography advocates assert that digital cameras can also produce equally beautiful photographs with the right technical know-how. Let's look into the top five reasons why computers can also be a photographer's best friend:
1. Fast
Photos captured with a digital camera can be viewed on a computer screen and printed as soon as they are taken. This is actually one of the best advantages of digital technology - photos are instantly available. Professional photographers can also save a lot of time for each project, considering all they have to do is load their photos on their computer for editing. Wedding albums, in particular, can now be finished half as fast as photos taken with with old-fashioned film. This means more time, more projects and even more income.
2. Manipulable
With digital photography, pictures can be easily manipulated according to preference. Everything usually starts out as colored images, but lighting and color tone can be easily changed with the use of editing software. Flaws in photographs, such as unwanted marks on the subject's face, accidentally captured objects or unflattering shadows can be easily removed. Effects can also be applied to enhance the drama of images, or to create a particular mood. Manipulating comes fast and easy as long as one knows how to use a photo editing program.
3. Cost-efficient
Digital photos do not require film and are simply stored in a memory card, thus, translating to significant savings. No matter how many pictures are taken, everything will be accommodated as long as the technical capacity of the equipment allows. When showing off photos to relatives of friends, one also need not spend money as photos can be easily sent online through email or chat, and can even be posted on an online album. There is no need to spend for each batch of recopied pictures because everything can be reprinted using a photo printer. For those who are less meticulous, even common multi-purpose printers will be enough to print photos at need.
4. Forever
Photos taken using traditional methods often deteriorate in quality over time, no matter where or how they are kept, while digital photo quality can be preserved forever as long as the memory disk is kept safe.
5. Convenient
Some people love to show their photos to friends and relatives but can't always be bringing their albums around. With digital photography, these photos can be stored in a laptop or even a tiny memory card to be inserted into any computer. In simple terms, it simply makes things way easier.
While there may seem to be that classic, unspoken charm known to old traditional film photos, nothing cannot be rendered in modern form with the power of digital technology.

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