When Justin Bieber Feels Jealous

What is the meaning of Justin Bieber's That Should Be Me song? Is it happy or sad song? Why does Justin Bieber take That Should Be Me phrase as the title of this song?
Jealousy is really an annoying feeling. It bothers your mind at any time. Being jealous is much more distressing than being hungry. When you are hungry, or even starving, you just need to find something to eat and your problems will immediately disappears. Meanwhile, when you are jealous, nothing in this world can soothe you. Yup, when you are jealous you are like on fire and you don't know how to put it out.
It's such feeling which Justin Bieber tries to describe and tell in That Should Be Me song. Whether it is based on his personal experience or other's, he is quite successful in describing the feeling using day-to-day phrases. Moreover, his decision to use 'That should be me' phrase as the title of this song is very intelligent. The phrase really represents discomfort feeling, one which must be felt by those who are jealous.
Lyric Lines Narrated
The song is opened with the lines introducing the cause of the singer's jealousy. It's the 'rumors spreading about this other guy.' It is very common that the thing which make someone jealous is rumors. Even without any proof, rumors really can cause conflicts between lovers since rumors work on feeling not reason. Therefore they will make their victim to doubt himself. Losing self confidence is the reasonable result. The singer also feels the same after they heard the rumors. He lost his confidence. He begins to doubt anything. He starts to ask 'Do you do what you did when you did with me. Does he love you the way I can. Did you forget all the plans that you made with me.' Remember, all of these questions are asked directly after he heard about the rumors and he does not have any proof that the rumors are valid at all.
The lyris continues with the chorus. Here the phrase 'that should be me' is repeated eight times in which between repetition one action is inserted. This repetition shows how sad his is. He is sad because he thinks that it should be him and not another 'holding her hand, making her laugh, feeling her kiss, and buying her gifts.'
Then the lyric goes to the next verse in which again the singer whines and regrets. He regrets the mistake that he has done. However he also whines since she said that she just 'needed a little time' but 'she use that time to have him replaced.' Different from the first lines, here the singer begins to show some proof about his jealousy. He sees 'her out at the movies and take (the other guy) to where they used to go'. Knowing all of that, the singer feel sorrow. Between hope and pain, he says 'now if you're trying to break my heart, it's working.' Of course, he hurt. But the feeling is not described in the lyric. You can only guess how the sorrow felt by the singer is.

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