What Shall I Think About Today? Cognitive Surplus, Spend It Wisely

As a society gets more and more efficient, it's citizens have more time to relax, enjoy recreation, and also to think. Not everyone enjoys thinking, sometimes they like to vegetate and just watch the TV, or listen to music. That's fine too, and each individual in a free society is allowed to spend their extra time however they wish, doing whatever pleases them. That's a good thing, and it is nice to live in such an abundant society and civilization.
Now then, let's say you are an individual who likes to think, and maybe you are no Plato, Aristotle, or Socrates, but you like to exercise your mental muscle now and again. Often, we are engaged in thoughts that our leaders suggest we think about, the types of things they'd like us thinking on, for instance, starving Africans, future space colonies, green alternative energy, or perhaps some political venue that will help serve the powers that be. Still, I would submit to you that you should think about those things, which most interests you, and use your cognitive surplus for those endeavors.
Obviously, with 7 billion people on the planet we don't need everyone thinking about exactly the same things all of the time. It might be good for nationalism, or national unity, or it might be good for the global community to get everyone on the same page. Nevertheless, a society does best when its thoughts are diverse, when individuality sets in, without the overshadowing thought police. This is how we will win the future, and this is how we will propel innovation, taking our society to the next step. Meanwhile, we should be careful not to succumb to societal norms, political correctness, or merely decide to think like everyone else so we fit in.
Having extra brain power, and more time to think is an extremely valuable tool for a society which wishes to press on into the future. There is no telling what new inventions, innovations, and new concepts the human mind might come up with. There are unlimited numbers of combination's which can be applied, and unlimited areas of thoughts from academia, science, industry, humanity, philosophy, education, energy, resources, transportation, communication, computers, technology, art, politics, and business to be merged.
Why not use your cognitive surplus to do something good for mankind, to push the boundaries of thought, and take this game to a higher level. That is if you are able, and you must remember your brain works better when you use it, and the more you use it the better it works. Please consider all this and think on it.

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