Ways to Share Your Holiday Photos With Friends and Family

The advent of digital cameras has been liberating for amateur photographers and those who love capturing moments to keep. We're now liberated from expensive film and basic manual cameras, meaning we can take thousands of photos at a time, with great results every time and no costs of buying and processing film. However when we get back from holiday with camera packed full of images, it becomes hard to free those images from their digital realm.
The first problem comes from the sheer volume of photos. This is where you have to take time to go through the photos and try to be generous with the delete button. If you're taken several photos of the same thing, try to pick the best one or two and delete the rest. Often images that looked fantastic to the eye can be very dull in a photo, so remove these ones as well.
When you're purged the superfluous images you can think about sharing them with the world.
The first steps are to share them digitally. You might have thought about emailing them across to your friends, but photographs are large files and not many can be emailed across at a time. The best way to share photos with friends online is to find a photo hosting service. There are many online photo hosting services, from Facebook.com where you can share photos with friends in your social group, to site like Flickr, Picasa, and PhotoBucket which allow you to upload your photos into online galleries. You can then email your friends the link to a gallery and they can access all the photos via the web.
The final step for your favourite holiday snaps - to help give them a real value and enjoy them at their best, is to bring those photos out of the digital, and into the physical world.
There are many options for this. A very common option is to get prints of your photos in the traditional size that you may have received prints when developing them from camera film. Online photo hosting services often allow you to order prints in this way, and there are also other sites which specialise in this service like SnapFish and PhotoBox. Traditional images prints are one thing but in this digital age there are other exciting options. You can create a photo book, where photographs are printed on the pages in a book, which you can customise by changing the cover, image positions and text. It's a very fun way to browse photos and can make a great gift or simply a great photo book to place on your shelf to store all your holiday memories.

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