Ultimate Jordan DVD Review

Ultimate Jordan consists of the five best and biggest selling DVDs of Michael Jordans career including "Come Fly with Me", "Michael Jordan's Playground", "Air Time", " Above and Beyond", and "His Airness". There are also special features added such as his greatest dunks, moves, clutch shots, assists, and memories. Everything anyone ever needed to know everything about the man and the legend. A perfect DVD set for any Jordan fan or just a fan of basketball. Five of his greatest games are played in full including his 63 points against the Celtics, 69 points against the Cavaliers, 55 against the Phoenix Suns, his 38 points in the "flu game", and his final game in a Bulls uniform against the Utah Jazz in the finals.
The 6 disc set show the highlights of what made Michael Jordan such a great player and athlete. It shows it all from his younger days of just coming into the league through the Olympics and his early career with the Chicago Bulls, his championships, through the death of his father and his quest to do well in baseball, and then returning to basketball to win another 3 championships.
The title of the DVD is perfect in a number of ways such as it is the ultimate collection of footage of Michael Jordan, and that he was truly the ultimate athlete. He is a duel gold medalist from the 1984 and 1992 Olympics, he won the Rookie of the Year award in 1985, he was five times voted the Most Valuable Player in the NBA, a 14 time All-Star with three MVP titles, he was a six time NBA Champion with the Chicago Bulls and he has been selected as one of the 50 greatest players in NBA history.
The quality is good through the 6 discs and the soundtrack fitting to the visuals. I have not seen another set more complete than this on Michael Jordan and the only thing missing would be to include the IMAX movie that Jordan was in to have it all together in one box. And maybe the movie Space Jam for the kids. Michael Jordan really was the driving force behind the popularity of the NBA throughout the 1990's and this 6 disc DVD set really shows it all to anyone that has any doubt about who the best basketball player of all time was. Just watch this and try not to say "Michael Jordan".

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