Twilight Fans - Who's Going to Watch the Latest Twilight Breaking Dawn?

The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn is set to premiere at the end of this year. Fans can watch the first part starting on November 18, 2011. It is the fourth movie on the sequel of Twilight Saga with Twilight being the first, New Moon being the second and Eclipse being the third. These movies are based on the book Twilight, written by the author Stephenie Meyer. The story of the book Twilight Breaking Dawn has been divided into two movies. The second part is supposed to premiere at the end of 2012. The recording of the fourth and latest movie started on November 2010 and was finished on April 2011. The three main characters of the movie have remained the same throughout the whole sequel: Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, Robert Pattinson as Edward Cullen and Taylor Lautner as Jacob Black.
Plot summary:
The story begins with the marriage of Edward and Bella. Bella's wedding party ends when Jacob comes back home and decides to visit Bella on her wedding party. When Edward and Bella go on a honeymoon trip to Isle Esmé, Bella discovers that it's actually not that bad to be a human being and that she still has a lot to do to transform into a vampire. She decides that the transformation isn't urgent and can wait to fulfill it through the coming years. She then finds out that she is pregnant with Edward's baby. Edward wants that the baby be removed one way or another. Bella disagrees with this idea and teams up with Rosalie to protect the baby. After a while, Jacob finds out that Bella is pregnant with Edward's baby and would also like the baby be removed. Meanwhile, Bella gets weaker and weaker because the baby grows fast. One day, Edwards sensed an odd spiritual message. He thought that it was coming from Bella while in fact it was coming from the baby. The baby tells him that he both loves Bella and Edward. Edward then changes his decision to let the baby be removed and wants to keep the baby from that moment on. During her labor, Bella loses a great portion of her blood. Therefore, Edward sees no other option than to let her transform into a vampire through venom injection right through her heart so she could still live. Jacob thinks however that Bella has passed away. He is dedicated to get revenge for her 'death' by killing her newborn baby.

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