Salsa Lesson DVD - Mind Tricks To Perfect Your Confidence

Do you want to know all the hidden secrets that the professionals keep to themselves? Do you want to know how to perform and be as confident as the stars are? Well here it is I am going to tell you all of our deepest darkest secrets to make you a star. I will unleash tools you can use to help you perform just like the pro's do and all you have to do is just keep on reading.
First let me start off by saying that professionals are talented dancers, but their are many tricks that get them to look and dance the way they do. Have you ever wondered why professional dancers are so confident? Well I have and I found out a little secret. First of all, They don't practice their routines with their body every time. What? Yes the professionals are taught to not only practice their routines with their body's but also with their minds.
You see dance is not only physical, it is a mental art as well. When you dance you must make sure that you really know the dance your going to perform. So one way a pro memorizes their routine is by doing the dance over and over in their head. So lets say you want to try this. First you should play the music you are dancing to. Then you should sit down and go over every step in your head as if you were dancing. After write down where you got stuck,write down where you forgot a move, write down everything! By doing this you will know where you messed up in your dance and then you can fix it, which will get you to dance perfect every time.
It's so simple but it really works because the mind is such a powerful tool and if you use it right you can be on your way to dancing just like the pro's do.
Now on to the next hidden secret. This one should be used after you have mastered my first trick I wrote about. I hope your ready for this. Well here it goes you should always record yourself dancing before a performance. This is so important because you can really see what you look like and where you can improve on. No one is perfect so I can guarantee that you will find something that you can make better. Even if it is pointing a foot, or smiling more. Their is always something you can do to make your performance the best it can be.
These are just so of the many hidden secrets that I have that can really get you to dance just like the pro's do. If you want to find out more tricks that I know that will blow your mind just go to and I'll even tell you about the best Salsa Lesson DVD that's out right now!

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