Reviewing "The 90s Are All That"

There are not enough synonyms for nostalgia, joy, and overall elation that I can use to describe the feelings I got watching the Monday night premier of Teen Nick's ode to 90s Nickelodeon.
For now, the two hour lineup consists of fan favorite comedy shows All That and Kenan & Kel as well as cult favorite teen drama/comedy Clarissa Explains It All and the eponymous Doug. The first week is shaping up to be a pretty consistent schedule, but they're jumping all around in terms of seasons and episodes and it's been keeping the viewing nice and fresh.
The only show they've been keeping in order is Doug, and that is a wise decision. Doug has a certain humble charm to its earlier episodes with its scribbly-outlined animation and character development. It's really nice to see my personal favorites, Pork Chop and Skeeter, littering my television screen again.
Not to get too emotional, but I felt that All That was a fitting way to kick off the celebration. Appropriately, the first sketch after the intro to the show was Good Burger. Over the past two nights, I've seen other classics like Ishbu, Cooking With Randy & Mandy, and Everyday French with Pierre Escargot. These are the ones I remember the most. I'm looking forward to seeing Pizzaface and Repairman once again too.
Last night's Kenan & Kel brought back pretty good memories too as it was the one where Kenan finds a screw in his tuna sandwich. The episode's payoff only further cements why I feel that Kel is the superior of the two comedians. Kenan is too one note for my liking. Kel has layers, dammit!
Certainly, it is too early to tell what direction this new lineup is going to take in terms of programming, but I must say that I approve the decision to try it out wholeheartedly.
Personally, I'm most rabidly awaiting Double Dare, Salute Your Shorts, and Hey, Dude.
When I was a kid, I went to a live Double Dare taping at the Spectrum in Philadelphia and I was sitting on the end of the row. Marc Summers circled the crowd to find volunteers and I was screaming as loud as my young lungs could scream and waving my arms in his face as he walked by. He completely passed over me and I've still yet to forgive him. As much as I love Double Dare, What Would You Do?, and Unwrapped, I cannot forget his soul-crushing transgressions.

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