Organize Video Discs and Manuals Without The Help of A CD Case

If you are a serious gamer, then I am pretty sure that you have lots of CDs of video games lying in the floor of your room, in your bed, in the living room or in the gaming room. This may include video game, manuals and the likes. However, leaving them scattered in your house will not only irritate your mother, there is also a bigger chance that it will be broken or misplaced. With all the money you have spent on these Cds, I know that you do not want to waste all these. Plus, having a more systematized and organized system, you can lessen the clutter, keep them in a proper place and of course, you will not have to spend so much time looking for the CD that you will use.
Most people would rather throw out the cases of their CD. This is because it will just add to the already big mess of CDs that they have. However, without the case, the CDs are more vulnerable to breakage. This is why there are many products solely designed to hold and carry CDs without their cases. Here are some good products that you can try:
*CD wallets and CD books. Cd books possess some sheets with sleeves to hold the discs. This can contain more than a hundred Cds. What is good about this is that its size and thickness is almost the same as that of the dictionary's. Some sheets of the books contain pockets in which you can insert an index card with the title of the CD written on it. This allows you to easily look for the CD that you need. On the other hand, you can arranged your CDs by genre or alphabetically in the wallet. Both of the wallet and book are sold at an affordable prices in some electronic stores.
*Accordion briefcase. This type of organizer is originally designed to carry and hold documents but you can use it to hold CDs and manuals too. Put the CD together with its manual in one sheet, then label the sheets accordingly. This can be bought at bookstores and department shops.
*Bookshelf for manuals, spindle or spool for the CDS. Arrange both the CD and its manuals alphabetically or in any way you are most comfortable. You can stack the CDs high in a spindle then put the spindle beside the manuals on the bookshelves. You can put the shelf in your room, bedroom or gaming room.

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