The Jersey Boys Las Vegas Show

Jersey Boys is a musical about Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. It is about how these young men had their humble beginnings in New Jersey, then rose to stardom and eventually landed themselves a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
The story is a touching one that embodies the American dream and everything America stands for. It also introduces a new generation to the old sixties music that survived the British invasion and the introduction of hard rock into society. These classic songs are included in the show, along with some new ones.
The play started out humbly in California. It moved to Broadway in 2006, where it has won four Tony awards. Since then, companies have popped up around the nation performing this musical. However, the general consensus is that the Jersey Boys Las Vegas company is perhaps the best of them all. The show is performed at the Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, and is there indefinitely.
Jersey Boys Tickets - Main Reasons to Buy Them
  • Story line
  • The music
The story line is definitely one of rags to riches, which everyone loves. It is about the American dream, and people love to see stories and plays about that. The music is also awesome, with great renditions of the sixties classics and some new pieces that are no less great.
Jersey Boys - Most Popular Attractions
  • Top rate cast
  • Awesome stage production
This musical is so popular and has had such a long run in Las Vegas because of the amazing cast. Deven May is perfectly cast as the group's bad boy. Erich Bergen is so convincing in his role you might think he actually wrote the songs for the group.
Jeff Leibow plays the group's Ringo role, and Travis Cloer plays Frankie. Cloer previously played the role of Joey in New York, but his falsetto is perfectly suited to the role of Frankie.
The stage production is also terrific, and you will really feel like you are right in the middle of the story or watching a movie in a theater. The sets are realistic and the effects are marvelous. All in all, with the production and the cast combined, this is a show that will pull you in completely.
The Jersey Boys Las Vegas Show - Audience Reviews
Audience members agree that the Jersey Boys Las Vegas show is great and a lot of fun. The show generally receives a standing ovation from the audience as it is so awesome. One woman took her mother in law to see it and was astounded at how good it really was.
Unlike other Vegas shows that are a condensed version of a show, this is the full musical and is quite enjoyable. The music is good and the singers are better. Everyone seems to enjoy this musical play thoroughly.
The Show Jersey Boys-Where to Purchase Merchandise
You can get goodies like tee shirts and other memorabilia from the Palazzo Resort when you go to see the show. There is a wide range of merchandise available, including a CD with music from the show. You will always be able to remember your visit to Las Vegas and the show itself with these purchases.

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