How to Learn to Paint With Watercolor While Removing Your Creativity Blocks

To learn to paint with watercolor can be a tough achievement, but to add "while removing your creative block" makes it even more tough!
First, let's examine why you want to learn to paint with watercolor - is it the beautiful transparent colors that draw you in? Or maybe it's the quick drying time of the pigment on the paper. Does the ease and beauty of matting and framing appeal to you?
These are great questions, and I'm sure there are many, many more that could be asked to help you determine why you want to learn to paint with watercolor.
Yes, the beautiful transparent colors do draw you in rather quickly. And, despite a long standing rumor to the contrary, they are easy to use. There are guidelines that you can learn and you will be using these beautiful colors in no time.
Yes, the drying time is fast. If you have been an oils painter you could well be attracted to this feature of watercolors.
Yes, the beauty and ease of matting and framing make your painting very beautiful.
But, does this answer the question of why you want to learn to paint?
I think not. To be a successful watercolor artist you must know why you want to paint!
Since 1975 I have had a strong desire to paint, first with oils then with pastels and watercolor. For many of these years I've been an art teacher, because my heartfelt desires to share with others, like yourself, the joy and gratitude I have when I paint.
Once you've determined the reasons why you want to learn to paint, you may begin to have your doubts about being talented enough or have enough time or any number of thoughts that keep you from being fully involved in the painting process, leaving you feeling blocked.
The bad news is that many times, no matter how new you are to painting or how long you've been painting, your creativity just seems to vanish. It could be because you are stressed in your home life or at work, your finances could be in an uproar right now. Your health is also an obvious reason you are not feeling creative.
The good news is there are ways of overcoming your block and learn to paint.
Here are a few suggestions to help you start to learn to paint in just a short period of time, and overcome any fears that cause you to block.
1) Keep a 5x7 sheet of watercolor paper in your painting area, every day go there and doodle.
2) Experiment, on this 5x7 paper lay down colors that you haven't used before. See how they go together, what new colors can be made. Which colors do you like the best? Make a notebook and record your experiment. You can make a notebook by using a 3 ring binder using a piece of watercolor paper that fits and hole punch it. When you're happy with your experiment, record it on the paper for your notebook.
3) Brainstorm, make notes of pictures you would like to paint. Do you have a photo that you make? You can start with a photo of a place you've visited. Remember the time of day, who you were with that made you happy, recall the way you felt and why you enjoyed this scene so much.
4) Start to sketch from that photo, with all these memories you've just thought of, start drawing in your light and dark areas.
5) These suggestions are also the way to learn to paint. Find an art teacher that will teach you to learn to paint with good art fundamentals and enjoy one of the most wonderful experiences of life.

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