How to Fight Like Michael Jackson

Picture this: It's a few hundred years in the future. Society has already been torn by famine and wars. People have turned to music to bring some enjoyment to their miserable lives.
Music has become so instantaneous that we can now listen to it as soon as it's done being recorded by the musicians. Fighting and dancing are now synonymous. Fight moves and dance moves are one and the same. It's capuera on steroids.
The most popular type of martial arts is the Michael Jackson martial arts. You see two rival gangs in a battle. One gang is fighting in the style of the "Beat-It" music video while the other is following the "Bad" music video. The two gangs are fighting over what is left of the summer harvest. Both gangs enter the battle, but only a few of each gang survives.
What makes this world so dangerous? The fact that people love to dance and now they love to fight because there is no difference in this future scenario world.
But what are the differences? If fighting is a form of exercise as Tae Bo and the countless other workout videos seem to say then why can't fighting be a form of dance?
The Brazilians already figured out that it is... well their martial arts, known as Capuera, is. When you watch two capuera fighters it seems like you're watching a dance unfold. But watching any form of martial arts can seem like a dance. Watch two martial artists fight to a song and you'll see how true that statement is.
Both fighting and dancing uses the body in a way that can seem violent or graceful. They make the body move in ways that are otherwise unnatural. Some martial arts are based on animals so why can't some dances also be based in the way an animal moves?
I used to take Kung Fu lessons and when I was being taught by my Sifu (My Kung Fu teacher) he played music in the background so that we may strike with our attacks after feeling the beat of the music. He told me and his other students that the music would help you not just fight, but feel and connect to your body so that our strikes would be more graceful.
Dancing is another big part of my life. I love dancing, not professionally, but I love it nonetheless! The music also brings a connection to your body allowing the dance to be graceful.
So the difference between fighting and dancing? One is generally used while following music even though they could both just as easily follow music as well.

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