How To Ensure Entry To The Best Nightclubs In The World

The clubs we're talking about aren't the usual run of the mill, darkened hovels most people associate with the ugly end of their local high street, they are glamorous, talked about, photographed buildings of luxury and opulance.
For this very reason the average person believes these venues are out of their reach, places where only stars go to mingle with other stars and the uber rich, but not anymore. A new phenomenon has swept our shores and it is one that if you enjoy a good night out and want to feel like a star, you should get involved with.
This amazing idea is called a promoters guest list my friends and here's how it works:
The "Promoter" has over the years built up a range of contacts, usually in big cities, which include nightclub managers, doormen, DJ's dancers and bar staff. They've gone out with these people, become a part of their social group and are trusted by them (as you will see trust is an important factor in this business model).
This same promoter has put in the years of hard work, going out every night virtually, learning what people like, what they don't and ultimately what would make the ultimate night for any group of people from any background.
Next up, the promoter needs to learn some skills, they learn about marketing, business fundamentals, and pr. If they are lacking in any aspect their business will fail and their social contacts will become worthless.
Finally when the promoter is ready they unleash their idea on the unsuspecting world, they meet their contacts from the nightclubs and ask if they can provide guest lists to their nights. Let's not forget these are social contacts who inevitably say yes due to the trust which has been built up over the years.
They then begin to market these guest lists to normal people in normal towns.
You may at this stage be thinking "that's all very well but this is still going to be prohibitively expensive for someone like me, I'll stick to going out at my local", but you'd be wrong. The promoter as part of their deal with the nightclubs agrees that they can give away cheap, (and by cheap I mean a lot cheaper than booking at the nightclub directly), VIP Tables, complimentary entry for girls and discounted entry for guys, making a night out with a promoter often cheaper than going to the same old places and frankly a lot more fun, who wouldn't want to rub shoulders with Emma Watson, Beyonce and David Beckham?
Now there are loads of so called promoters out there but only a few will have put in the hard work to ensure you have the best time at the best price for you and your party of friends, but whoevers guest list you book on have fun.

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