How 50Cent Became Famous

Sabrina Jackson at the age of just fifteen gave birth to Curtis Jackson on July 6th 1975 in South Jamaica, Queens.
To provide for her family she started dealing drugs and in 1988 was murdered in her home. Her killer was never found.
After her death Jackson went to live with his grandparents.
At the age of just twelve Jackson decided to follow in his mothers footsteps and started dealing drugs.
He made sure to keep his street life and family life separate so his grandparents didn't find out he dealt drugs until he got caught with them at School.
50 had said he felt so embarrassed about getting caught that from then on he decided to be very open about him selling drugs.
Things got real though on June 29th 1994 when he was arrested for trying to sell four vials of cocaine to an undercover police officer.
He was to be sent to prison for nine years however his attorney managed to get him six months in a boot camp.
After coming out of boot camp he decided to quit dealing drugs and focus on his music.
It was in 1996 that he was introduced to Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC. Jam Master Jay taught him how to count beats, structure songs, write choruses, and make a record. It's safe to say that Jam Master Jay taught 50 most of the things he knows about music.
Things didn't start going well for him until he released his single "How To Rob". He claims he wrote it in a car in half an hour while on his way to the studio. The song called out a number of famous artists and it became very popular in the underground scene.
On May 24th 2000 while visiting his grandmas house in South Jamaica, Queens he was shot nine times.
He was rushed to the hospital and ended up spending 13 days there and it took him in total five months to recover.
While recovering his friend Jam Master Jay was shot in his own studio and 50 became blacklisted from the recording industry, as people were scared they too would be killed if they worked with him.
He didn't give up though and he traveled to Canada where he recorded over thirty-five songs for mixtapes.
He used the mixtapes he made to build up his reputation again and in the end it was a smart move as in 2002 Eminem got hold of his "Guess Who's Back" CD and liked what he heard and gave him a record deal and now his one of the most famous rappers of all time.

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