Honey Bee Is One Sweet Song

Blake Shelton just has a way of being a flirt and he shows it in his song, Honey Bee. It is a slower and more love-oriented song that reminds me a little of Elvis' Let Me Be Your Teddy Bear. And the video just makes it even better
What make a hit? It gets the attention of the listener and has them singing the song all day. And that is what Shelton does in his latest top country song.The single made the slow climb up the country charts and finally landed into the #1 spot.
When you hear a song, you create a vision of what you hear and then you see the video and notice how different the artist's interpretation is of the words. Shelton doesn't show a man and his better half showing each other love. He shows a man trying to get the attention of a young woman by buying all her honey that she is selling at a roadside stand. He even goes as far as threatening a couple of pre-teen boys who are eyeing her. But it takes a grandpa to put him in his place to get his own chance at winning her heart.
You will smile and think of the romantic side of the song when you hear. You will smile and laugh at the awkwardness, fear, and emotions that run through the video. It is a humorous version of falling in love with serious undertones. You will also laugh at how much like real life it really is though the guy doesn't always succeed in getting the girl.
Country fans know he recently married Miranda Lambert and it seems that maybe the lyrics of Honey Bee may have been meant for his girlfriend of five years. The song does talk about a long term relationship and when he was singing it live on a Country Awards show, you could see him out and towards his wife.
If you have not heard Blake Shelton's Honey Bee single you should take the time to hear it. More than just country music fans have been buying the download. The country performer seems to have made a crossover to the pop music genre, even if he did not mean to. That's what happens when you record a track like Honey Bee that has a foot tapping music riff playing behind some lyrics that any one can relate too.
Watch The Video - Blake Shelton's video Honey Bee

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