Getting Started in Magic

The fact that you are reading this now proves that you have a genuine interest in performing magic. You might be motivated because you want to impress your friends, or you might want to genuinely pursue this as a career. Either way, we all have to start somewhere.
I first began several years ago when this kid at my school did this amazing card trick. It wasn't the cheap stuff you find online, but this was real professional. I just had to figure out how he did it, so that I myself could perform it to people I knew and I could impress them. It took a while, but he finally took me on as a partner and taught me most of what I know today.
We all have to take that first step. The number 1 quality that will help you is commitment. You have to be committed. Even if this is just going to be a hobby, practice makes perfect, and trust me, when you first start out, you will need a ton of practice.
It might also be a good idea to find a sibling or a really close friend who you could use to practice on. This a person that you trust not to reveal any of you secrets. They will help you by pretending to be your spectator. They will call you out when you make mistakes, or when they spot something. It is crucial that you find someone to practice with. The feedback will help you tremendously. It might be difficult at first, trust me I understand, but it will help you greatly.
You will also have to overcome your fear of speaking in public. You can be amazing at your trick, but if you do not know how to engage an audience, your trick won't be as effective. I struggled a lot with this one in the beginning, but again, practice makes perfect. The more you perform in front of people, the better you become. Eventually, your goal is to become so good at both your execution and your speaking that you could walk up to any random stranger and perform a trick and amaze them.
The journey is a long one. Anyone can do it, but not everyone will. People will quit because it is to hard, because it is too embarrassing, because they are not good enough, etc. They will make excuses. The question is, will you?

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