Fright Night 2011 - A Remake

Fright Night 2011 is a remake of a cult 80's horror film where teenager Charlie Brewster spends most nights watching His favourite show Fright Night hosted by his hero Peter Vincent played by (Roddy McDowell).
Whilst watching one night with his girlfriend Amy he witnesses strange goings on next door, and after some investigating finds out new neighbour Jerry played by (Chris Sarandon), is a vampire responsible for a some unexplained disappearances.
Charlie try's to tell best friend Evil Ed the school nerd about it and girlfriend Amy, but neither believe him so he turns to the police and after calling on the new neighbours they to put it down to an over active imagination.
Jerry try's to warn off Charlie, but he turns to the one person he thinks will believe him Vincent and at first even he is reluctant but eventually comes to the aid helping Charlie, after Jerry goes after ED and Amy.
Fright Night was and probably still is one of the better vampire horrors around, the special effects at the time where good in an era that did not have multi-million dollar budgets, it also has comedy linked in with the horror that gives it that little extra where one moment you may be laughing and the next a little terrified maybe.
Fright Night 2011 follows the original in a fashion in that all the characters seem to be named the same but Charlie s girlfriend Amy played by British Actress "Imogen Poots" is an exchange student and Charlie is popular after ditching best friend evil Ed who is the brains this time around it seems.
Ed is the one who points out to Charlie about the disappearances and whilst at first he does not believe it when Ed says Charlies new neighbour Jerry played this time around by (Colin Farrell) a good choice of bad guy in my opinion is a vampire, he changes his mind after doing some investigative work of his own.
The role of Peter Vincent this time around is played by British actor (David Tennant) and he is a Las Vegas magician come supernatural vampire killer who Charlie turns to as a cat and mouse game plays out between Jerry and Charlies, girlfriend and mother played by (Toni Collette).
Fright Night 2011 looks promising if the trailer is anything to go by, the film seems to have a more updated darker theme to it than the original but as with all classic 80's remakes I will wait until I have seen Fright Night 2011 before I actually judge on its quality.

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