Footloose 2011 - Another '80s Classic Remake

Footloose 2011, once again Hollywood takes a classic '80s movie and re spins it.
In the original Footloose rebellious teenager Ren played by (Kevin Bacon) moves to a small town with his mother and he is about to be in for a shock.
Bomont is a small American town with a difference public dancing and rock music are banned by the town council, run by the local preacher played by (Jhon Lithgow) after a tragic accident some years earlier.
After making some enemy's at his new school and a few friends one Will played by (Chris Penn Sean's younger brother) gives a great performance as the hardened cowboy type learning to dance.
Ren soon learns that the town law is upheld by the police when he is pulled over for playing music tapes in his car for those old enough to remember those.
The preachers daughter Ariel who it turns out is really a rebellious bad girl seen car surfing at the beginning of the movie is played by (Lori Singer who was 27 at the time of filming) she beat Madonna to get the role.
Anyway Ariel and Ren take a shining to each other which does not go down well with Ariel's boyfriend and a number of encounters between them take place, most noticeably a game of chicken with tractors whilst "Holding out for a hero by Bonnie Tyler is playing".
Another notable part of the film is one of Ren taking out his anger by dancing in a barn doing some quite amazing moves although how much of it was really him is not quite clear.
Footloose goes on to see Ren fight for a High School Prom to take place and Footloose 2011 seems to follow much the same sort of script going by the trailer just updating a few of the original films themes.
Footloose 2011 may give film fans who have not seen the original a great time and as a fan of the original I will wait until I have seen the film before I decide on how it relates to the original but I am looking forward to it, Kenny Wormald who plays Ren in Footloose 2011 has been dancing since the age of 6 so should have found the moves quite easy and Dennis Quaid takes over the role of the preacher an actor I have enjoyed in numerous other films so will look forward to his performance, and Andie McDowell plays the preachers wife, another fine actress who I last watched in the Based on true story the 5th Quarter.
Footloose 2011 has a revamped soundtrack by all accounts with Blake Shelton singing footloose and a host of other stars contributing amongst them are Cee-Lo Green, Ella Mae Bowen singing Holding out for hero, with the soundtrack released September 27th.
Footloose 2011 is due for release October 14th.
A quick fun fact is that Footloose is loosely based on a true story, In 1979 Elmore City, Oklahoma, the local High School wanted to put on their senior prom but dancing was against the law, this was due to an ordinance law dating back to the 1800's banning dancing within the city's limits, as in the film the local preacher was against overturning the ban citing dancing the devils work.

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