Film Nature and Change

Filmmakers play a key role in increasing the awareness of world citizens of the injustices and dangers that endanger Planet Earth, the Eco-system, environment, nature and wildlife. Filmmakers often travel the globe to research and capture events happening in real life that most of earth's inhabitants would not hear of without their help. Because of the dedication and commitment of the filmmakers, other humans have the opportunity to see occurrences in nature that are rare and take place in regions that are largely inaccessible to others. In fact, in today's world, much of what we know about the world around us has been learned from film. These people are the vital link in both discovery and distribution of knowledge not exposed by other sources.
Footage on film should and can move inhabitants to work to save the planet. View the film entitled "The Cove," describing a Japanese village that quietly kills up to a thousand dolphins daily and try not to be moved into joining an activist group that works against such action. Were it not for these individuals who have risked their credentials and even their lives, most of the rest of the world would have no clue that activities of this type existed. And this film is just one of many documentaries which bring attention to the terrible things that man does to nature.
Each individual needs to come to grips with his or her responsibility and accountability in the movement to preserve and conserve the resources of the planet. Regardless of one's belief in science or religion as the origin of earth, everyone must agree that each living creature from the smallest gnat to the largest Whale has a purpose on the planet. In the plant kingdom as well, form the largest Sequoia to the smallest blade of grass each has a purpose. Without conservation used by people as well as corporations, the planet is slowly dying, and now the responsibility falls into the individual's lap.
Individuals who make a difference must get up and lose their complacency. They must work to educate themselves concerning the truth, that humans are destroying the planet they call home. Filmmakers that film nature in order to give information concerning man's lack of discretion around the globe and the corners that are cut when it is time to implement conservation methods are only able to do a limited amount of work. Film offers an influential and powerful medium that can gather people of all walks of life to demonstrate against or stand up for causes which make them passionate. Unified individuals are able to make changes. This is shown through US history.
Persons that worked together beginning with the Revolutionary War as well as the Civil Rights Movement were able to effect change in the world in which they lived. The same is true for world history. People need to apply the same courage and desires to effect change for their own mother earth.
While it may sometimes feel futile to bring these horrible injustices to light, individuals must realize that changes are being made. Differences are being brought into effect.
While there may be only small factions, blogs, websites and even social medial sites are can make changes. They may demonstrate the will of man to act against tragedy that continues to occur in the worked. While it may seem that many do not take the time to care or realize what is happening, some are. They can work together to find resources as well as motivation needed to act.
There are groups that should come together to finance these projects through both individual and corporate dollars. Protesting groups may be able to reduce the devastation that man is inflicting on his own planet, but ultimately, everyone will need to stand in unity to prevent the tragedies and decay of the planet called home by every living species, earth.

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