Easiest Magic Tricks - Impress Your Audience With Minimal Practice

First and foremost, I'd say that if you want to learn the easiest magic tricks and impress your audience with minimal practice then the fastest and most effective way to easily learn some very impressive tricks is with downloadable video tutorials. The advantages of these are many:
1. They're cheaper than buying DVDs (which probably have too much information for your needs anyway and can cost over $100) Downloads range from under $5 up to $20.
2. You don't have to wait for the mail to deliver your stuff - you can be watching and learning within minutes.
3. Most downloads teach tricks that you can do without having to spend anymore money on props, special card decks, gimmicks etc.
4. You get to watch a full demonstration of the effect free before you commit - so you know exactly what you're getting.
There are books and articles too, of course, but for your needs that can involve quite a high outlay and apart from the fact that the texts can be quite hard to interpret into action without seeing the trick done, again will have far more information than you need, which is just money down the drain.
So, that's one way of learning some easy but good tricks, quickly and with minimal outlay.
The question is, however, with hundreds of downloads available out there, what kind of tricks should you choose? Well, if your main criteria are that the tricks should be easy and quick to learn but still pack a punch then I'd suggest you go for some simple coin vanishes and productions, card swipes and color changes, book test mind-reading and some kind of penetration magic effect like a coin through a bottle. That sort of thing. Not only are these tricks all very visually impressive, but they also require minimal or no set up and can often be performed impromptu with borrowed objects - no fixed props or gimmicks. That's a great advantage and means that you can perform at least a couple of tricks just like that, when anyone asks you. That is one of the best ways to impress and makes your magic trick look really cool and powerful because you 'just did it' close-up and with preparation.
Just a word to end on which is very important. This article is designed to help you if you want to learn the easiest magic tricks and impress your audience with minimal practice but that does not practice! Even easy tricks need some practice. So it's only fair that i ge you some advice on how to practice your tricks so that you can have them up and running and working for you i the shortest possible time.
I recommend that you learn more than one trick, ideally three to five. Why? Because, when you've done your first trick people are going to be impressed and I guarantee the first thing they'll do is ask you to do it again or to see another one. Well, never do the same trick twice for the same audience on the same day. They'll catch you out the second time because they'll be trying to and you'll turn a cool moment into a silly moment. So what do you do? You say that you won't show them the same trick because you've got something else they'll enjoy - and you do another! Not being able to follow up on your success can really make a good moment deflate, so make sure you've got at least a couple of follow-ups. After that, I think it's fine to back down without any shame.
Okay, you've selected your download tutorials and you've watched the demonstrations and step-by-step instructions. Here's what you should do next:
1. Watch the demonstration and instructions again a couple of times to be sure you understand it.
2. Go through the motions of the trick very slowly to get everything in the right order and to get a 'feel' for the moves.
3. Keep practicing and slowly speeding up. Don't be put off if you make mistakes - it's part of learning!
4. When you feel comfortable that nine times out of ten you can do the trick smoothly and confidently, then check your moves in a mirror.
5. Practice some more.
6. Think of some 'patter' to go with your trick. Avoid telling the audience what will happen next. Stuff like 'I'm going to make the coin disappear' should be avoided. 'Okay. let's see what I can do with the quarter I borrowed from you. It was your quarter, right? And you just saw me put it in this hand, right? And i haven't touched it since? Okay, watch...' You open your hand and the coin is gone!
7. Practice some more with the patter.
8. Get out there and do the trick!
There are a few places these days where you can get downloadable tutorials but my own recommendation is at the end of this article based on experience I know that it's a trustworthy source with the best quality to price ratio you'll find. If you get really into magic and you want to take it further, then my site The Magic Tricks Homepage is the one-stop place for tons of free advice and information to help the serious budding magician make a start. But if what you want is the easiest magic tricks to impress your audience with minimal practice, then following the advice in this article should get you everything you want.

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