Drawing Tips and Mindsets

Drawing animals is very popular among people. Despite the popularity, only a select group of people can actually draw. You might call them artists, I see them as anybody. This strange fact is funny and a bit ironic to me because most aspiring artists could get better overnight if they just applied some basic drawing skills. It is a misconception that you have to have natural talent to draw well, even though some are more in tune with their artistic side than others, it's really just not true. Drawing is like any other skill, just a lot of practice mixed in with the right technique.
You must take your time when you begin to draw detailed animal drawings. I see a lot of beginners sit down and draw their entire piece in half an hour. The key to being a great artist is the amount of time you put into your drawings. If you want your drawings to truly be works of art, be prepared to put the work in. The work you put in should consist of learning and implementing drawing skills you pick up along the way.
A common mistake is not having a basic plan for whatever it is they are drawing. A great example would be if you were trying to learn how to draw a lion. Most people would start at a random area such as a leg, then jump to the head before finishing the leg area. This can make your drawing into a mess. Drawing what you see on a paper is easy and outlining is not entirely necessary. A simple cross lightly drawn in the center of the drawing is good enough to get your proportions correct while leaving you room to correct any mistakes you make. Drawing is like riding a bicycle. You learned how to steer, peddle, and keep your balance. Now you know how to ride a bike.
A good mindset to have when sketching is to take your time and enjoy the process of getting better. Patience is a virtue and mastery of a skill like drawing could lead to happiness. I can also say that in order to truly get better at drawing I highly suggest going outside and drawing real life images. I also suggest taking classes or picking up some books on drawing that could give you some tips on drawing that you would never know.

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