Consumer Vs Pro-Sumer or Professional Camcorders

Just what exactly are the differences between the small hand held consumer grade camcorders and the larger professional level camcorders? High definition used to be the main difference of high end professional camcorders vs consumer models but not any longer. There are several devices that can capture HD video from digital still cameras to cell phones.
What professional quality camcorders offer are larger, higher quality lenses and larger sensors than consumer models. What this means to the shooter is much better low light performance. Indoor filming of events and the ability to shoot great images outdoors when the sun is down is no problem for pro grade equipment.
Professional camcorders will have easily accessible manual controls for iris, focus, zoom, shutter, gain and audio. Consumer camcorders may have some of these features but not all and the ones that they do have will not be as easily manipulated as in the pro models.
Pro models generally will have built in xlr inputs for superior audio recordings. Consumer level camcorders will either have built in microphones and/or a 3.5 mil microphone jack. Audio is a huge piece of the overall effect of a top class video production. Pro grade cameras really shine here.
If you want the rock steady look in your final product then you need to either shoot with a tripod or shoot from the shoulder. Professional camcorders are usually much larger than consumer grade cameras and therefor need to be rested on top of the shoulder, giving a much more stable shot. The hand held shaky look may work in some instances but you need the option to shoot steady if you're getting into production work.
Most older pro camcorders store video on miniDV tape or an external hard drive although most of the newer models will have on board internal flash storage and use multiple SD drives for sequential storage of video.
Other differences include variable frame rates, the option to change out lenses and filters and remote control. Perhaps the most obvious difference is of course the cost. Full HD consumer models are available for under $200 while a good pro model can range from $2000 to well under $100,000 lets say.

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