Celebrity Review: Rebecca Da Costa

Rebecca Da Costa is a name that is catching up - and fast. A promising young star, she already has quite a list of movies and modeling stints to add to her resume. With amazing characteristics, personality and talent as a whole, it won't be a surprise when she takes over the entire limelight she already is in.
Not just an exceptional star, Rebecca Da Costa is also an extraordinary individual. Aside from her natural beauty and talent, she has a hunger for success that you just can't help but find impressive and yes, totally hot. Standing at a towering 5'11" height, perfect vital statistics and exotic brown features, she is the new concept of sexy. But she doesn't stop there. She is extremely physically active and is involved in quite a number of sports you will be surprised at. Basketball, soccer, and swimming are just some of the physical activities she loves doing. And believes it or not, she's into boxing, too. So guys, watch out! This is one hottie you couldn't easily mess with.
When it comes to her movies, she has quite an impressive list considering she only got into the business in 2010. And by this year, she already has six movies and a TV show to credit to her name. From 2010, she has starred in a series of independent films: Trick of the Witch; Treasure of the Black Jaguar; Freerunner; L.A., I Hate You; Mine Games; and Seven Below. The latter is still under production and stars a power cast including Val Kilmer, Ving Rhames and Luke Goss. Rebecca can also be seen in the popular TV series Entourage.
Rebecca Da Costa is definitely a star in the making. With the complete package, she is definitely an amazing talent that will go a long way not just in the movie industry, but in entertainment scene in general. If you still haven't been following her, she is also gaining notorious popularity online as more and more people are getting enchanted with her mysterious appeal. She exudes sensuality with her naturally sexy body and exotic beauty yet appears sweet and charming all at the same time. And taking on different roles in her movies from a typically girly model to a kick-ass chick, it's no surprise that she is gaining the confidence of more producers and directors each time, and the admiration and love of her fans.

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