Can Irish Dancing And Panto Be Mixed?

Music and dancing are at the heart of every performance no matter what it is, or how it is intended to affect the audience. However, the performances are structured and two very different styles are not mixed. But, if you are brave enough to combine two strong styles and perform them well, I personally think you are guaranteed a success. The theatre combination of Irish dancing and panto may seem like an unusual mix but if you look at the audiences from either of these shows, you'll rarely find anyone who hasn't enjoyed the performances. Whatever your opinion is on the subject, both these performances are steeped in history and putting them together, you're offering the audience something they have never seen before.
Pantomime is a very traditional English performance that entertains people throughout the Christmas Holiday period. The history surrounding panto dates back over 100 years, and has been entertaining people from all backgrounds since the early days. Children's favourite stories are brought to life through escapism, and humour while also throwing in a few clean jokes for the adults. The audiences are encouraged to join in and help the heroes of the story to outsmart the villains. There is an overall great feeling about the panto, and everyone in the audience will leave feeling refreshed, and happy.
Irish dancing is also very historical, and is often split into two different forms of social dancing and performance art. This style of dancing became very popular in 1994 when "Riverdance" hit the stage proving that this form of dance was very entertaining. There are many different versions of Irish dancing depending on the part of Ireland you are from. Children are taught it from an early age, and at any social event or gathering you will see some children dancing. Irish dancing is very captivating, and people enjoy watching it for the technical side as well as the entertainment value.
With these two completely different forms of entertainment it seems strange to want to combine the two. However, thinking out of the box often provides the best performance of the year. There is no reason why Irish dancing cannot be combined with the entertainment value of pantomime. Both are extremely entertaining to watch and people love to see variety in performances. Although pantos are great they are very predictable and if you can inject a new element into them you will create an amazing show.
The audience will be amazed that you have included a complicated yet mesmerizing dance into the traditional feel of panto. There are no rules when it comes to performing and giving your audience something new and exciting is essential. Theatre and stage performances are all about the stage presence, and combining art forms. Using Irish dancing within Pantomime is a fantastic way to bring a new element to the panto season.
Irish dancing has become very main stream, and many people are getting interested in the dance form. It is not unusual to see the dance being done in schools, and in dance lessons all over the world. Good performers can turn their hand to anything including acting, and dancing. If you have open minded people that want to create something special this panto season, combining Irish dancing and traditional pantomimes is guaranteed to be a great success. You will be able to show that panto actors are versatile, and can give an outstanding performance every time.

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