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During the last days of world war two when Germany was near its end, a race on who will manage to conquer Hitler's bunker first was on the way. Capturing Hitler and all of the information surrounding his 3rd Reich was the ultimate goal of the allied forces. The Russians managed to reach it first in April 1945.
During that period of time the allied forces rushed to gather as much evidence as they could find in order to prosecute the German Nationalist Socialist Party (Nazis) for war crimes before they could destroy them. Hitler and his hierarchy was priority number one. All of Hitler's home tapes that had a detailed view of the Fuhrer's private moments were also found. Amazingly they were ignored since they did not provide any prosecuting evidence to the judges in the Nuremberg trials.
The significance of those personal tapes was far more important and revealing that anyone had imagined. It provides a glimpse in the personal life of one of the most evil men in history. Hitler's personal life was kept a secret during the Nazi regime from his propaganda chief (Joseph Goebbels) and people never knew the true person behind mask.
The documentary "Revealed: Hitler's Private World" tries to analyses the tapes and develop a personal profile behind Hitler, his interests and what he was discussing with his fellow colleagues and his lover (Eva Brown).
In order to conclude to this result, the investigative team had to overcome a major hurtle; the tapes recovered had no sound so the team could not tell what Hitler or the other individuals that appeared in the tapes were saying at that time.
Using cutting edge speech recognition technology, the team managed to map and identify the lip movements and match them with the appropriate German words; the results were breath-taking. I could not believe that the most evil person in history (according to me) had such calm personality. I was also astounded to see that Hitler was a big fan of Hollywood movies and he often watched and discussed them with his friends and colleagues.
Having watched a huge number of documentaries about Hitler, I have to say this is the only one that clearly captures the true personality of the dictator. Revealed: Hitler's Private World is one the best documentaries I have ever seen and surely one that cannot be missed. For World War 2 fanatics and people that want to get an inside view on what Hitler was like during his personal moments this documentary is a must.

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